Welcome to Titeli - Home for Children

Titeli is a social project of orphanage and it came in existence with a kind thought of caring and nurturing the orphan, semi-orphan and destitute children in India that are left unnoticed in society for struggle to survive. In December 2010 Kristin, a traveler from Norway decided to take a break from her work and signed up for a volunteering project in India, Rajasthan. In the very beginning while working as a volunteer at her project, she came across many children that were surviving in very harsh conditions and were in need of care and nurture. At that time the thought of creating something took birth in her heart. In mean time Kristin met Vishal who was working on social projects for unprivileged societies. Their thoughts were shared through their compassion to serve Titeli “The dream of doing something for others”. They got married and Kristin moved to India permanently and now they both are creating the project named as “Titeli”.

Update on the projects status as pr. 31.12.2015

We are getting close to completion.The building has been completed. The left work is mainly land levelling of the playground/ walkways, putting up the fence, and buying swing sets, benches, and whatever are missing inside.

All the interior paintwork has been completed. Some furniture has been acquired and all the beds are ready. Clothes, toys, bikes and fire safety equipments are ready.

The remaining items to purchase are: Furniture, cooking equipment, bedding, curtains, washer, dryer, TV, diningroom table and chairs, bathroom essentials, mattresses for TV room and an information board.

The application to get the building approved as an orphanage will be sent as soon as the project is completed.

The orphanage is projected to be fully completed in April 2016. Donations received after the orphanage has been completed, will be use to run the orphanage. We hope that the first child will move to Titeli – Home for Children in summer 2016.