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Central Bank of India
Global Hands For Rural Development
Near Civil Hospital, Berachah, Palampur, H.P. -176061, IND

Donating material Items:

In our normal life routines we find many articles lying around our homes or sometimes kept in stores in packed boxes which we would never use in future and we don’t know what to do with them. Some of those articles might be from your children which are sweet memories for you, but what a better use you could imagine than giving these things to those who never could imagine having them.

In some other instances you might have some excess stationery, sanitary, toys, house hold stuff these all can be used for someone who needs them for their education and living with some ease instead of living in survival.

All these material items can be sent over to our project address either by post from April 2015 onwards or you can ask for any alternate on case individual bases via email messages at .

Become a sponsor:

Regular sponsor: Becoming a sponsor is most helpful thing you can do. You can choose a pattern of donating every month an amount, on alternate months, quarterly bases or half yearly. Whatever pattern you choose or whatever amount you choose to donate as a sponsor, please do inform us via email so we can generate and send thanks letter periodically and keep you informed about project updates (if you intend to get updates of project).
One time sponsor: You can also choose to be a onetime sponsor. As we are in middle phase of setting up the home, we need all the interiors, house hold supplies and furniture. So either you can choose to shop online and send it over to the project site and we get it received or you can ask us to shop for you and you can pay the bill. A list of articles needed can be asked over email. We can also suggest some websites for particular item’s shopping. If you intend to have your or to whom you want to make a sponsor such as your child, parents, friend or anyone else, we can carve the name and other details on donated items, so your memories stays alive along with the donated item.

You can also give these items as present to anyone on birthday or anniversary etc. It will be a great gift and will be used by some needy children.

Your support is our strength.