About us

What is titeli?

The orphanage titeli – Home for Children is a child care institution (CCI)  situated in a small village called Samula near Phared of Palampur town, in district Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. The mighty Himalayas are widely visible from front yard and playground. The lush green valleys of Dhauladhar add a scenic feature to the ambiance of campus.

The start-up and registration of orphanage:

After years of planning and liaison with public and government offices,titeli opened in December 2016. On 19th January 2017 we received the first three children and officially the child care services began. Titeli is sanctioned registration under Juvenile Justice Act (care and protection of children) 2015 and Rules 2016 with a capacity of thirty children (Boys) by Women and Child Development Department of Himachal Pradesh.

Associate organisation (NGO) and inspecting agencies:

Titeli is run under the banner of the NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) a regional organisation named Global Hands for Rural Development (GHRD). The working module and rules/ regulations are adopted from Juvenile Justice Act 2015. We run the institution independently, but the overall supervision of our activities and administration is done by two government subsidiary bodies of social justice and empowerment department, which are District Child Protection Office and Child Welfare Committee of the district. We are also liable to report all children related issues/ information to before said agencies. Addition to District Child Protection Office and Child Welfare Committee, State Commission for Protection of Child Rights and Civil Judge of local courts also make regular inspections to ensure the implementation of rules and regulations as per guidelines by state or centre government for time to time.

Who are these children?

All the children at titeli are sent to us by Child Welfare Committee of district Kangra. Any child found by police, Child Helpline, social workers, hospital or any civilian etc. are reported to Child Welfare Committee at first. After reviewing the case of each and every individual child, Child Welfare Committee decides the best available option for the child. Child may be sent to observation home, rehabilitation home, special need children home as per the need and backgrounds of the child. Titeli is a child care institution for normal  children. A child may be sent for a short period or long period of time depending upon the decision of Child Welfare Committee according to needs of the child.

The team:

At titeli, we have a team of ten dedicated staff and two full time volunteers to ensure the care and protection of the children. All the office records maintenance and reporting matters, shopping of items required at home, complaint redresser, staff movement, social involvement plan and liaison are dealt by the person in charge (Manager). The account book keeping and store keeping is done by the accountant. Our social worker have the responsibility to make and implement individual care plan for all the children. The house father ensures that the children are following the discipline and the house rules. He also ensures the follow up of day plan for the children.Paramedic staff take care of health-related issues. A team of two cook prepare four meals a day and serve nutritious meals. We also have a driver to bring children from school and to drive around as and when needed. The house keeper ensures the nonstop supply of clean and hygienic bed linen, school uniforms/ formal wear and cleanliness of the campus and the children’s rooms.One of our full-time volunteer is responsible for regular counselling of the children to overcome any issues they may have.

Our mission:

We believe that every child has right to life and well being. Our mission is to help as many children as possible. We want to restore the broken hopes of abandoned, orphan and destitute children. Our aim is to bring these children back in to main stream of society where they have opportunities to achieve their dreams.

Future goals:

We aim to start a Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA) and a home for infants and babies. The plan is in pipeline and we are currently working on finding sponsors for the construction of a separate home for infants and babies.