Celebrate with us


Birthdays are special to all of us. Our own birthday or the birthday of someone to whom we love, we like to make the day special. Often we spend some money on party and presents to celebrate a birthday, but did you ever imagine what a special way it could be to celebrate your birthday together with the children who do not get the luxury to see the birthday parties? You can bring big smiles on cute faces by putting up a simple birthday celebration at titeli.

You may bring your loved ones also to share your joy and have a chance to get to know the children at titeli. The smiles and blessings of these children may give bliss and contentment to your heart.

Send us an email at manager@titeli.org or call at +91 8628027534 with details of your birth date and how you want to celebrate, in order to enable us to arrange the day schedule. Please note that home cooked food is not recommended to bring for the celebration. Although cakes, confectionary, fruits, candies and cookies etc are permissible.

Handouts: We strongly discourage to give any presents or handouts to individual children. If you wish to give any present to children, please consult our manager and give the presents to a group instead of individual child. This helps us to avoid favouritism and unwanted expectations of children from future visitors.     

Festivals (Diwali, Christmas, Holi):

The season of festivals brings positive vibes to our days. We feel to do good things. During most of the festivals we exchange presents with our friends and families. We host parties and dinners to our near and dears, but we also know that there are many who do not have anyone to celebrate the festivals with or do not have enough resources to exchange presents. We at titeli, aim to celebrate all the festivals with children and make them feel being at home with their friends or family.

How fun it could be if people from society wish to spare time to get to know these children and listen to their ideas of celebrating the festivals. Spend some time with our children and give them the feeling that somebody else also care about them.

Celebrate a festival with the children and you will feel the impact of doing something good for others and sharing their happiness.

“If you want to be happy in life, practice compassion”, says His holiness Dalai Lama.