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Education and medical care


All the children residing at titeli are enrolled in schools or day care centres as per their age and classes in school. All the children are enrolled in Government run schools/ day care centres. A day care centre and primary school (up to fifth grade) is situated at one-minute walk and another school which is up to 12th standard is five minutes’ drive or twenty minutes walk. For children studying in higher courses, the college and other vocational training institutes are available in nearby town Palampur, which is around eight kilometres in distance from titeli and is well connected with public transport system.

In addition to school, children also have access to private tutor after school hours in evenings. Private tutor children to do their school assignments and also assist in any difficulty related to studies.

At titeli we also provide opportunities for vocation and industrial training for interested children.

Medical care:

Whenever a child is admitted at titeli, a complete body check-up cum fitness examination is done at Civil Hospital within the first 24 hours. If any medical conditions are found during the check-up, the child is treated immediately.

At titeli, we have a paramedic staff to deal with minor medical issues and if any child is found sick, they are brought to hospital as per need. The complete medical profile of each child is being kept updated by the paramedic staff.

Other than as and when needed, the full body check-up is done of each child once in three months during their stay at titeli. A government assigned doctor also makes visit on every Friday afternoon to examine the children growth or any other problem they might have. The health cards of each child are updated in the presence of government doctor.

At titeli a small dispensary is available so children can have help from nurse in case of minor sickness. There are also two sick rooms available to segregate the children affected with contagious diseases.

The nearest Primary Health centre is at a distance of 1.5 kilometres and Civil Hospital Palampur is 8 kilometres from titeli.