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Individual care plan

What is an individual care plan?

Individual care plan (ICP) is a plan prepared for each child in order to ensure the holistic development of the child. Several factors are considered before preparing the plan. At the time of admission, a social worker collects the facts of history of the child and conduct personal discussions with the child about his/her future goals, emotional needs, personal needs, medical needs, educational needs and recreational needs. After evaluating the history of the child, a detailed plan is prepared covering all the aspects of physical, emotional and mental growth of the child.

A prescribed format is used to record the proposed interventions and progress made by the child. During the first three months the care plan is reviewed every third week and after first three months the plan is reviewed on monthly basis.

The format is described under:


Signature of the Probation officer or child welfare officer

                                                                                                               Stamp and Seal where available

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