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Recreation and creativity 


At titeli children are given access to several recreational activities. There is a dedicated space in the premise for recreation where children can watch TV, play indoor/ board games and spend free time with their fellow mates. Age appropriate board games, toys and books are available in recreation room.

We have a playground adjacent to the main campus. Children often spend time playing outdoor games in the evenings.

Other than indoor recreation, we also bring children to field trips on monthly basis. Field trips are often education oriented. With these field trips children get to learn about nature, plants, flowers, birds, landscapes and all other things of general knowledge. Sometimes we also bring children to temples where they can also see the spiritual aspect of Indian culture.

Apart from field trips, we bring children to picnics on quarterly basis where children can spend time in famous locations and enjoy some good food as well.


To bring out the best of the children’s creativity, we often organise art and craft workshops for the children. Children are taught to use recycled material to create art and decoration items. The items designed by children are often put up on walls within the premise or given to children to put in their rooms. Children practice with origami, LEGO, beads, waste paper and colours to create photo frames, paintings and lamp shades etc.

Other than being creative with materials, children are also given training in theatrics art and drama. Children have been performing the dramas often on celebrations like birthday or for guests visiting titeli. Cultural activities like group dance, group songs and solo acts are also practised by children.

Street theatre is also one of the most loved activities by the children. Our social worker prepares street shows on different topics such as child labour, begging, child marriage etc. Children dressed up in costumes and acting during the shows looks amazing.

We hope to develop a separate space for music and theatre art in the future, where children can be given education of such disciplines.